Nutritional program for children aged 0 to 6 years in Darién

The current panorama of child malnutrition remains very worrying, with 20,000 children dying each year as a direct consequence.
Out of a total population of 49 million inhabitants, 13% of children under the age of 5 suffer from severe nutritional deficiency.
The feeding programs are designed by doctors and nutritionists. They examine each child as soon as he or she is admitted to the Home. After measuring, weighing and photographing the child, a diagnosis is made, and the individual program is established. The child will be followed by qualified personnel throughout the recovery phase. Each month, checks are made, and a curve of the child’s evolution will allow to measure his physical and psychological recovery throughout his stay in the Home.

In addition to the nutritional programs, educational activities and psychological tests are also essential to their development. When the children are reintegrated into their home and family environment, regular monitoring is carried out with the families in order to maintain a healthy diet. Parents are made aware of the fundamental rights of children and the benefits of a balanced diet.

Estimated annual cost 2021 :

Darien Colpesos xxx or CHF CHF 13’450 – number of beneficiaries 25 children supervised by 11 professionals.

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